Short report from the DLG (German agricultural society) regarding the MOESCHA spreader „Special“ (Prüfbericht 4956)



Inspection criteria

Test result





easily applicable for slurry, pump, and compressor tankers





the share of dry solid matter may be up to 20% without causing problems, as long as the slurry is well intermixed before spreading




Spreading width

[@1 bar pressure]

by adjusting the end stops, the maximum rotation angle is changed, resulting in a spreading width from 11.5m up to 17.5m




no special partial setting in width possible




Spreading precision

diagonally to the direction of travel: good / very good




in the direction of travel: good / satisfactory, dependent on the tanker




Influence of wind

Until wind force 3, the influence on the spreading precision is within acceptable limits





just right even for applying lower quantities of liquid manure, dependent on the tanker




Driving speed

the speed should not exceed 6 km/h (3.7 mph) to avoid non-uniform spreading (straps)




Emission of odor and ammonia

without immediately incorporating the liquid manure, a significant emission of odor and ammonia may occur




Operational reliablity

good, no problems occured





easy, no efforts after initial set-up




Cleaning and maintainance

easy, little effort










short and comprehensible




Dosing table





(original test report is available per download from the DLG: LINK)


The working safety has been confirmed by the DPLF.
(DPLF = German test center for agriculture and forest engineering).


A survey conducted by DLG among 51 farmers which used the spreader for up to 5 years confirmed the experiences of this test.

In average, these farmers applied 3 Mio liters of liquid manure per year with the spreader. 94% of the farmers performed the initial set-up by themselves, and 92% of them rated this as simple. 94% of the farmers rated the spreading precision as good or even very good. In some farmsteads, the dry substance content was very high, reducing the working width. This could even result in an irregular swiveling action.


100% of those questioned consent in a good / very good overall evaluation result of the MOESCHA spreader. All of them would by the same spreader again.