For working widths up to 21 meters, MOESCHA offers a very economical and proven solution with maximum spreading accuracy: The DUO spreader.


Basic design of the DUO spreader [here: DUO 133 K]


MOESCHA Type W swiveling spreaders are always used as spreaders in this context. These spreaders come with nozzle sizes of 55, 62, 68, and 77 mm. The appropriate nozzle size can be determined from an application table (see Downloads).  Very frequently, the 55 or 62 mm nozzle size is selected.


MÖSCHA DUO spreader in action

(detailed view by clicking on the picture)    DuoInAktion.jpg


Precision of spreading pattern when the MOESCHA DUO spreader is used

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The outstanding spreading precision of the MOESCHA swiveling spreader was confirmed repeatedly in many tests and analyses (see Downloads). The combination of two devices on the DUO spreader results in an unsurpassed fertilization precision.


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