For working widths of up to 27 meter (pump tanker) or 24 meter (vacuum tanker), MOESCHA provides a clever solution: The TRIO spreader.


Basic design of the TRIO spreader [here: with cutoff valves]

In the middle is one of the proven MOESCHA swiveling spreaders (type W). It comes with a diameter of 55, 62, or 68 mm. In most cases, 68 mm is the best choice.


Please note: The TRIO spreader must not be used for thick liquids containing more than 5% dry substance content.


The spreading quality of the TRIO spreader is not as good as the single/DUO spreader. If you want to achieve both a very high spreading width of 24m+ and the highest spreading quality, an alternative to the TRIO spreader can be the use of a foldable boom system with two single swiveling spreaders on it, as can be seen in this VIDEO.


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